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Record of Ragnarok Parents Guide

Worried about your kid? which series is suitable for your kid? To know Record of Ragnarok details about Record of Ragnarok Parents Guide, just read the full article; it will help you know about the series. The article includes. What’s the age rating of the series  When will it be released and what’s the actual meaning of Record of Ragnarok Parents Guide?


Record of Ragnarok Japanese manga series written by Shinya Umemura and Takumi Fukui and illustrated by Ajichika. Directed by Masao Ōkubo.

The production company is Graphinica. Distributed by Netflix.

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Record of Ragnarok Parents Guide | Record of Ragnarok Age Rating 2023
Record of Ragnarok Parents Guide | Record of Ragnarok Age Rating 2023

Series Name – Record of Ragnarok
Created by – Masao Ōkubo

Age Rating – TV-14

Country of origin – Japan
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Tips for Parents Guides | Record of Ragnarok Age Rating

  • Always look for the age classification in the Movie and Series.
  • Try to look for a summary or review of the movie and TV-Series.
  • Don’t let your kids watch movies first, it may not work well. Either watch the movie and explain why it is not suitable for your kid.
  • Agree on the amount of time spent watching movies/series.
  • Encourage your children to take regular breaks.
  • Ask your kids to watch a movie/series with you.

How long is the series Record of Ragnarok?

The runtime for Record of Ragnarok Series is 24 minutes.

Record of Ragnarok Series Rating & Content Info

Kindly Note: We have not seen this series. The data beneath depends on information accumulated from government and industry-supported film grouping organizations in different worldwide areas.

The Series, Record of Ragnarok Age Rating is TV-14.

Synopsis of the Series Record of Ragnarok

Every 1000 years, the Gods’ Council assembles to decide the fate of humanity. After 7 million years of human history, the gods come to the decision that humans are irredeemable and must be extinct. However, the valkyrie Brunhild proposes that humanity must have one last chance to prove their worth and the gods agree on holding the battle of Ragnarok, with 13 notable humans from across history against 13 of the most powerful gods engaging in duels to the death, with humanity being spared should their side achieves 7 victories in the competition.

To even the odds, each human is granted the assistance of a valkyrie who transforms into a powerful weapon tailored for their combat style called “Volund”, at the risk of losing her life if the user is killed. (Source: IMDb)

The series, Record of Ragnarok includes:-

  • A lot of violence
  • Hard combats
  • Mild injuries
  • Animation series
  • Strong language
  • Superpowers
  • Uses of profanity
  • Uses of alcohol
  • Record of Ragnarok Parents Guide For their Kids.

What’s the Meaning of the TV-14 Age Rating?

TV-14 Age Rating Meaning

Parents Strongly Cautioned This program contains some material that many parents would find unsuitable for children under 14 years of age.

Official details of Record of Ragnarok

The series, Record of Ragnarok has 12 Episodes in 2 seasons.

Is Record of Ragnarok suitable for children?

If one is hoping to be aware that Welcome to is reasonable for youngsters, one ought to know about Record of Ragnarok Rating. Taking that Record of Ragnarok Rating places the Series in a reasonable classification for youngsters, then kids can watch the substance, and in the event that that isn’t true. Record of Ragnarok Rating places the substance in a reasonable classification just for grown-ups, youngsters shouldn’t watch Record of Ragnarok. Subsequently, ensure you check Record of Ragnarok Rating before you choose if it is appropriate for kids.

Official picture & the trailer

Record of Ragnarok Parents Guide | Record of Ragnarok Age Rating 2023
Record of Ragnarok Parents Guide | Record of Ragnarok Age Rating 2023

Who is in the Cast of Record of Ragnarok?

  • Kellen Goff as Heimdall
  • Laura Post as Brunhilde
  • Chris Edgerly as Zeus
  • Miyuki Sawashiro as Brunhilde
  • Anairis Quinones as Göll
  • Reba Buhr as Aphrodite
  • Tomoyo Kurosawa as Göll
  • Cory Yee as Additional Cast
  • Ben Pronsky as Muninn
  • Patt Souza as Brunhilda
  • Yukihiro Nozuyama as Heimdall
  • Michael Chapman as Huginn
  • Ben Diskin as Shiva
  • James Mathis III as Narrator
  • Keone Young as Guan Yu
  • Jun’ichi Suwabe as Hermes
  • Rie Tanaka as Aphrodite
  • Taisuke Nakano as Huginn

These age ratings provide guidance to consumers, parents, in particular, to help them to decide Which movie is good or not for their kids. and Age ratings are systems used to ensure that entertainment content, such as games, but also films, tv shows, and Series, is clearly labeled with a minimum age recommendation based on the content they have.

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Record of Ragnarok

Created by-Masao Ōkubo.

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